- Pure Relaxation - 

- Indulge & Nourish -

In need of some love and relaxation, this treatment is perfect to unwind and forget your thoughts. This 60 minute treatment includes a double cleanse and exfoliation followed by a mask while you relax with a shoulder, d├ęcolletage, neck, face and hand massage to send you off to sleep.
60min | $130

- Ultimate Surrender -

Surrender your mind and body during this 90 minute treatment of indulgence, includes a double cleanse, a double exfoliation to lift off the dead skin and rough texture, followed by a double mask custom to your needs while you relax with a hand and arm massage, a d├ęcolletage/shoulder/neck/face massage and don't forget a hair treatment and head massage to finish off.
90min | $199

-Cleansing Back Treatment- 

Indulge into a deep cleansing back treatment with a double cleanse, chemical exfoliant while steam flows over your back, this is then followed by extractions (if needed) or just relax into a exfoliating clay mask and back massage. You will be left floating out of the room.
50min | $110

 - Relaxation Massage -

60 Min | $90
90 Min | $130