Cosmetic Tattoo

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Lip Blush

This is a subtle technique suitable for women and men who have lost the definition of their lips and lip line due to ageing, smoking, lip fillers etc. It is also for women that have quite pale lips and would like the colour restored. It is an alternative or in conjunction with lip fillers as stimulation increases collagen in the skin which can make lips appear more plump. Healing time is around 6 days. Can last anywhere between 2-7 years depending on what your desired outcome is.


Microblading $600

Microblading is the more natural option but is not for many skin types and eyebrows, this is done with a fine blade to create a hair like incision into the skin, not for oily or mature skins and requires more touch ups more regularly. 

4 week touch up required $149 

on going  8-12 month touch ups required (additional cost)

Ombre/Powder Brows $600

Powder/Ombre brows is perfect for that 'penciled in' look whether you want natural or bold. This technique uses a machine to create shading all over the brows. Perfect for all skin types and heals extremely well over time.

4 week touch up required $149 

on going 1-3 yearly touch ups required  (additional cost) 

Combination Brows (Most Popular) $650

Combination Brows is the most common choice because it is 2 styles combined. Natural strokes with a blade and the soft powdery look with a machine. Technique suits all skin types.
4 week touch up required $149
ongoing 1-3 yearly touch ups required (additional cost) 

Unsure where to begin or have questions about cosmetic tattooing ?

Book in for a consult and we can discuss all options and any questions you may have, we also can wax and tint your eyebrows during this appointment to give you an idea of what to expect with the tattoo.

$100 Deposit Required for all bookings 

Does it hurt?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different, some feel it more than others. Most clients describe it as a light scratch, with some people not feeling it at all (60% of clients have fallen asleep).

Some clients take pain relieving medication prior to their treatment. You can purchase a small tube of EMLA cream from the chemist and apply this one hour before coming to your appointment to numb the skin (please advise us if you have applied any numbing agents before we begin). This will take the edge off. 

Other important information

If you suffer from allergies please get in contact with us prior as you may like to have a patch test before going ahead with the treatment. (This is done on the arm)
Healing is mild and lasts  between 1-2weeks(brows) 6 days (lips) with normal everyday activities able to be resumed immediately. Colours are normally very harsh, dark/bright and sharp for approximately 5-14 days, then the tattoo should start to fade. Fading can be up to 50-80% of initial tattoo. Everything is then adjusted at the touch up 4-6 weeks later for brows and 6-12 weeks for lips. Read below for more information


Consultation $60
(includes consult, shaping, wax and tint if required)

Microblading $600
4-8 week Touch Up Session $149

Ombre/Powder Brows $600
4-8 Week Touch Up Session $149

Combination Brows $650
4-8 Week Touch Up Session $149

Lip Blush $499
6-8 Week Touch Up Session $149

1-2 Year Touch up Session $199
(must have had initial appointment at EMPIRE )

Had Cosmetic Tattoo elsewhere?
A consult is required to determine whether we are able to touch up someone else work then you will be charged for a full tattoo appointment for the procedure

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$100 Deposit Required for all bookings